Advertisements on this site do not constitute a guarantee or endorsement by the journal, Association, or publisher of the quality or value of such product or of the. The aim of this study was to compare the sequelae of coronectomy with odontectomy in impacted mandibular third molars. Patients and. Coronectomy (intentional partial odontectomy of lower third molars) . of the infection and is preferred by this author to “intentional partial odontectomy. .. on this site do not constitute a guarantee or endorsement by the journal, Association, .

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Moreover, all the operation sites were covered with the healthy gingiva without postoperative infection signs. Comparison of coronectomy with odontectomy.

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Received Jul 3; Accepted Sep 4. Competing interests No potential conflict of interest relevant to this article was reported.

Comparative evaluation of surgical outcome after removal of impacted mandibular third molars using a Piezotome or a conventional handpiece: Surgical removal of tooth. Inferior alveolar nerve denoted by green Click here to view. The mobility of the remaining root was checked, and any secondary trauma to odontrctomy healthy roots was minimized. Alveolar bones around the impacted crown were removed with a surgical bur odontectpmy expose the cementoenamel junction CEJ of the tooth, and the tooth was sectioned at the junction.


Intentional partial odontectomy—a long-term follow-up study

A preferable technique for protecting the inferior alveolar nerve: Flap design and mandibular third molar surgery: On postoperative day 15, there was no difference in any parameter in both groups indicating complete symptom-free recovery in both groups. The parameters for this study included pain, swelling, nerve paresthesia, trismus, postoperative infection, postoperative wound dehiscence, postoperative pocket depth, and migration.

Joudnal J Oral Maxillofac Surg ; Thirty patients having bilateral impacted third molars with the same difficulty index were selected for the study.

Comparing pain in piezosurgery group at different follow-up days Click here to view. Int J Oral Surg ;3: Is it a benefit for our patients and does it extend surgery time? Depicting postoperative 3 months orthopantomogram of impacted third molar after coronectomy Click here to view. Biochim Biophys Acta ; Coronectomy of the mandibular third molar: In Group-1 coronectomy groupthe patients underwent follow-up for 6 months to evaluate migration of the retained mandibular third molar root which was in proximity with the IAN.

Sarwar H, Mahmood-Rao S. Related articles Extraction lower third molars micromotor odontectomy pain piezosurgery swelling trismus.

Intentional partial odontectomy—a long-term follow-up study

Pain comparison in both study groups Click here to view. The validation of visual analogue scales as ratio scale measures for chronic and experimental pain. How to cite this URL: All authors read and approved the final manuscript.


Discussion To avoid complications when a mandibular third molar is impacted close to an IAN canal, IPO is considered as an alternative treatment to the surgical extraction [ 6 ]. Depicting sectioned tooth intraorally of impacted third molar Click here to view.

Also, sensory abnormality was not found in any patients after IPO. Extracting the impacted mandibular third molar, however, is often challenging to dental surgeons because of related postoperative complications.

Division of the root of the third molar seen due to the inferior alveolar nerve. The influence of cryotherapy on reduction of swelling, pain and trismus after third-molar extraction: Articles from Maxillofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery are provided here courtesy of Springer.

Comparison of the cutting effect on bone of an ultrasonic cutting device and rotary burs. Maxillofac Plast Reconstr Surg.

All IPOs were performed by a highly experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon.