Sounds like you’re doing a three-way merge, so A should be the base revision that B and C are based on, B is theirs and C is yours (I believe; B and C might be . 2-min tutorial to do it the quick-and-dirty-way; Concepts for resolving Git conflicts refer to vimdiff if you still use the keyboard commands for GVim. kdiff3 · meld. git documentation: Setting up KDiff3 as merge tool. Not affiliated with Stack Overflow. Rip Tutorial: [email protected] · Roadmap · Tweet · Download eBook.

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But only-white-space-conflicts are separated from non-white-space-conflicts in order to ease the merging of files were the indentation changed for many lines. Well, consider a case where you and another developer tutkrial conflicting tutoriaal to the same code. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

If you require a sorted history. Nikhil Vartak 3, 2 16 With only two input files every difference is also a conflict that must be solved manually.

Many version control systems support special keywords in the file. It is often helpful directly edit the merge output.

Merging And The Merge Output Editor Window

A member of the team makes some changes in an area of that file and sends the changes to the repository with the commit. Because solving conflicts line by line would take very long, the lines are grouped into groups that have the same difference and conflict characteristics. For more information also see Merge Settings.


This shows only your changes as compared to A. This group then becomes the “current group”. The history automerge can either run immediately when the merge starts by activating the option “Merge version control history on merge start” or later via the merge menu “Automatically Solve History Conflicts”.

The following figure shows the tool editing this conflict. This text won’t appear in the saved file or in any selections you want to copy and paste. For example if you want that the lines from “B” appear before the lines from “A” in the output, first click “B”, then “A”.

Conflict resolution with kdiff3

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The program is invoked as follows:. Why am I given three choices when merging between my code and someone else’s? KDiff3 This is a subjective evaluation of KDiff3.

Furthermore, in the directory, three new files have appeared: If I did git rebasemy observation was that: The extra parentheses can also stay in if history sorting is disabled. If you have to select the same source for most conflicts, then you can choose “A”, “B” or “C” everywhere, or only for the remaining unsolved conflicts, or for unsolved white space conflicts.

KDiff3 then restarts the merge. Does that help in some cases? It’s typically helpful to tktorial the context of the original file, so you know if either one of you is breaking previous functionality.


Setting up KDiff3 as merge tool

For simple lines that match the “Auto merge regular expression”-option in all input-files KDiff3 will choose the tutoril from B or – if available – from C. Email Required, but never shown. It is included in the TortoiseHg installer for Windows. It is GPL and runs on “all” platforms.

Aleks Tkachenko 2 3. These lines form one history-entry. Upon termination, the file is saved and the tool terminated. The merge output editor window also has a summary column on the left. This history section grows with every check-in and the most recent entries appear at the top after the history start line. After this operation, the status of the file still appears with conflict.

Finally the resulting sort key for the first history entry start line will be: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Otherwise KDiff3 tutoriial jump to the next conflict after choosing the first input.

Additionally it is necessary that the lines in question line up in the comparison and the previous line contains no conflict.