Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. SRI KRISHNA KARNAMRUTHAM is a beautiful composition of verses describing leelas (past times) of Lord Sri Krishna. This develops prema bhakthi in the. It is also believed that Lord Krishna used to shake his head as a sign of approval for the slokas of this great work(Sri Krishna Karnamrutham) that He approved.

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Rohini [13] gave birth to the sapphire, Which is in between the breasts of Gopis, Due to her anger that one of her co wives, Among stars, Swathi gave birth to a pearl. No, he is the one, who defeated the snake in the river, Is he the king of birds, the Garuda? When we would be able to drink, That light which is blue like a blue lotus, Which is what is left over after drinking it, By the youthful lasses of Vruja, As both our eyes have great desire to do drink that?

My mind is completely immersed in the lotus face Which is full moon like of Lord Krishna, Which is embraced by the passionate playful glance if Gopis, Which shines by the music of his flute, with journey within notes, Which is being fondled, by the pretty eyes of Radha, And which is always smiling and is the ultimate sweetness.

Shree Krishna Karnamrutam

Retrieved from ” https: During the love play in water, when Krishna hid all their dresses, For the doe eyed damsels, two hands, their hair and closed eye was their only dress. Let me get merged in the sweetness of Krishna, Who completes the surroundings by the musical notes, Starting from his flute controlled by his lotus like hands, And who has jewel like lips which always wear, A wave of smile due to his ever joyous nature.

Wonderful are the lotus feet of Krishna appearing before me, Wonderful are the lotus like eyes of Krishna appearing before me, Wonderful are the lotus like face of Krishna appearing before me, And Oh mother everything about Lord Krishna is wonderful.

For doing good to us let Krishna come, Who is like a rising Sun in the dark, Who is like a boat to those who drown in sea, Who is like cloud giving tastey rain to those who are thirsty, And who is like a doctor to those, who suffer long time diseases.

We have to daily meditate during the evenings, the mantra of son of Vasudeva, Who drove off the enemies of Vruja by the edge of the holy wheel, Who can never be defeated, who reduced the burden of mother earth, Who is surrounded by primeval gods, who is being praised by, Narada and other sages for determining meaning of philosophy, Who has a pure form, who is of incomparable prettiness, Who is of blue colour, who is the cause of birth, upkeep and death of the world, And who is the one God who grants salvation to his devotees.

Aardhravalokitha dhayaparinadha nethra, Mavishkrutha smitha sudhaa madhuradharoshtam, Aadhyam pumamsa kridhna barhi barha, Maalokayanthi kruthina krutha punya punja.

Sri Krishna Karnamrutham : kgvsr : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

My mind is illuminated by the pretty wonderful light form, Whose shining hair is decorated by peacock feathers, Who has a face which is ebbing with sweetness, Who shines with the new youthfulness, Who plays the flute that produces the nectar like musicAnd who is karnmrutham and worshipped by GopisHaving slightly thick breast tips.


Let us be protected by the Lord of the kingdom of Vruja, Who is surrounded on all sides by the Doe eyed Gopis, Standing line by line with pretty heavy and slow moving hips, And with a pretty walk that increases the passion, Who increases the happiness of the hands of the god of love, By allowing him to use the flower arrows that are in karna,rutham arrow case, And who cannot be adequately described in words even by Goddess Saraswathi.

Let those playful acts which are wanted with great desire, Appear in my mind on their own and be present there. Varadachari Sadagopan’s article at Sadagopan. May you live hundred years.

Sri Krishna Karnamrutham

Hence he refers to his traditional background by saying that he wears the feet of Lord Siva on his head. Oh wayfarers, please do not go by this path, For by the side of Bheemaradhi river stands a bad man, Who is nude, who is blue like new leaf of mango tree, Who is locking his hands behind his back, And who is capable of stealing your mind and wealth. Your face which is complete with several crescents of sweet words, Can never be compared to the moon rising from the sea or to the lotus?

Dhenupala dhayothaasthana sthali, Dhanya kunkuma nadha kanthaye, Venu Geetha gathi moola vedhase, Thejase thadidhamom namo nama.

Let this work done by me, be as dear to you, As the food offered to you by Vidhura, The food and offerings by Kunthi, The food offered to you on Govardhana by the gopa boys, The beaten rice offered to you by your friend Kuchela, The breast milk of Yasoda, the hospitality of sage Bharadwaja, The fruit offered by Shabari, the lips of the lasses who loved you, And the love, hospitality and offerings of the wives of sages.

We have developed great love towards that light, Which is filled with sweetness, which attracts the mind, Which has a moon like face with a symbol of sweet smile, And which is desired by eyes of al people of three worlds.

Who will not want to see forever the sweet light of the God, Which has red lips, which has shifting eyes similar to a coward, Which is full of the wonderful light that is full of joy, And which has the nectar of smile and has a face filled with joy. When I will be lucky enough to you personally come before me, With a sweet face resembling the full moon of autumn, And play your flute and break my Samadhi, Oh great sea,which is full of mercy.

No, no, he is the marnamrutham, who holds the mother earth, Is he the snake with two toungues? The god of love with five arrows with him got, His beauty by a small portion of a drop of nectar, But Krishna wearing the peacock feather in his head, Naturally has lots and lots of nectar of joy and let him be victorious. In his early life, he had an illicit love affair with Cintamani, a dancing girl who was a musician and harlot.

Oh Krishna If at any time I have full faith in you, Then I would get salvation and is it necessary, To tell that other small pleasures would automatically follow?

Let me be protected by Krishna with a flute in hand And surrounded by the lasses of Vruja, Who wears peacock feather on his head, Whose pretty forehead is decorated by Thilaka of musk, Whose ears are decorated by very soft leaves, Who wears a gem stud on his nose, And wears near the Kousthuba gem garland, Another one made of a very scented mandhara flowers. Let all our problems be solved by the child Krishna who is a rogue, Who when kissed by Gopis as he was a child tasted their lips, Who when embraced as a child, caressed their necks till they are red, And who when they make him sit on their lap made them, Squirm with shyness by touching again and again their private parts.


Is this halo of light, that of a young boy, Whose portion of feet which is decorated by goddess Lakshmi, Beats hollow a crowd of lotus flowers, Whose hands interested in playing the flute, Appear as if they are showing dancing poses, Whose hands show passion to the doe eyed damsels, Whose words appear to be a rain of sweetness, And whose face is beyond capacity of words to describe.

I sing about the body of the Lord. Oh Gods of the forest, what is the use of beauty of this forest to you?

In the courtyard of Rukmani, Who is similar in beauty and age to Radha, Sitting below a banyan tree in the banks of Yamuna, The son of Devaki played flute extremely well.

Except near the breasts of the pretty Gopis, Who had peculiar type of lines in their hands, And the heart of great sages meditating him, And below the trees of the pleasant Brindavan, Where else can we see the great Lord?

Let the youthfulness of Krishna, which is the prettiest in three worlds, Which is the ultimate of beauty and looks of love, Which is also visible to the deva maidens of the sky, And which is subject of the passionate glances of Vruja lasses, protect me.

Let the learned ones who are experts in epics search within, The cave of their mind, the god who is a divine concept, But we would prefer to drown in the sea of nectar like karnamruthxm, Of the childish kzrnamrutham of the son of Yasodha. Let us be protected by ktishna incomparable light, Which hides as it is tightly embraced by the breasts of Gopis, Who are interested in music and dressing up, Which is being worshipped by the pleasure of their love karmamrutham, And which is interested in wandering in the sand dunes of Yamuna.

His childishness, his lotus like face, His kindness, his playful looks, His handsomeness, his pretty smile, Truly and truly are not seen with any other God. Let there be victory to the light in the form of a child, Which is ever full by the length of its broad eyes, Which defeats the autumn moon by the light of its smile, Which is the personification of the plays of children, Which is being enjoyed by connoisseurs again and again, By leaving out jobs which are hard to perform, And which lives on the breast of Gopis who are proud of their youth.

In the middle of forest Madhava is singing, Keeping the flute near to his lips, And keeping his fingers near its holes, And playfully opening and closing those holes. But please look at that pretty Krishna, who plays music on flute by his pretty lips, And also see that flame of light which sports a lotus like face, With his age touching youthfulness and which is indescribable?