Pedagogy: AUDITION PREPARATION FOR OBOE- La Scala di Seta. Dr. Shen Wang Chair of the Wind Department, Renmin University of China School of Art. “La Scala di seta oboe audition excerpt”. Newest Episode: -east +Are+You+Waiting+For_+%5BPSP+43%5D. mp3. Here are some small tips that I hope will help you study “La scala di seta” by Rossini. I leave you my version, which I played when I was oboe.

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La Scala di seta oboe audition excerpt – Orchestra Excerpts

The statement from the legendary scalw who has won mostly every audition he has attended stresses the importance of technical preparation. The methodology of technical preparation for oboe auditions will be approached from four aspects: The main focus of the section is to help obod candidate improve his or her fingering accuracy when performing technically challenging excerpts.

The author chose to approach this challenge by demonstrating a few different fingering practice methods using selected audition excerpts.

This excerpt contains multiple challenges. The second difficulty is consistent tonguing. Suggestions on how to deal with the former challenge will be introduced in this section.

Rossini – La scala di seta – Oboe Excerpts

Joseph Robinson, principal oboist of the New York Philharmonic, suggests that the use of a metronome is critical to maintain an excellent level of preparation. Robinson has held a position in a major orchestra for over twenty years, and is still playing everything with a metronome once a week.


It implies quite literally that playing notes is mainly fingering work, and achieving correct articulation is tonguing work Based on this interpretation, the author believes that when working on challenging fingering passages, one should try to temporarily leave the tonguing problems out of practicing. This can achieve practicing the fast technical passages with as much slurring as possible so that the fingering challenge is being isolated and addressed without the interference of the tonguing actions.

This will help to avoid the confusion that any tonguing problems may contribute in a fast fingering section. By practicing in this manner the candidate may more clearly identify which seha shift may still require additional attention.

The first method of practicing the La Scala di Seta excerpt is to change rhythms, keeping the quarter-notes as they are, setz changing every other eighth note into a dotted-eighth note, Example 2. The third practice method will focus on dealing and solving a shorter but more problematic section from excerpts, Example 2.


La scala di seta (Rossini, Gioacchino)

Due to the variety of technical obo from different candidates, the author will pick one section of the excerpt as an example based on a hypothetical assumption. This method requires the player to work on the difficult section multiple times in succession.

Overture to La Scala di Seta m 6 until [3]. Berliner Philharmoniker Piero Gamba: London Symphony Orchestra George Szell: Cleveland Orchestra Eduad van Beinum: Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Pedagogy: Fast Moving Passages The main focus of the section is to help the candidate improve his or her fingering accuracy when performing technically challenging excerpts.

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