Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Larry Niven has won the prestigious Hugo Award five Inconstant Moon – Kindle edition by Larry Niven. Download it once. 3 of 5 stars. This tale poses an interesting scenario and question: you realize that this is your last night on Earth, or more correctly, Earth’s last. Inconstant Moon by Larry Niven – book cover, description, publication history.

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He was a wireheaddirectly stimulating the pleasure center of the brain, and starved. May 03, Jimmy Pedersen rated it really liked it Shelves: In an effort to cure Eric using a placeboHowie creates buckets of ice-water using the ship’s freezer, and dumps it hiven the wiring panels on the wings, telling Eric that the incostant and pressure of Venus might be affecting the ship’s function. Sign up using Email and Password.

Inconstant Moon by Larry Niven – FictionDB

Good short story by Larry Niven about how a man who realizes the world will end in the morning spends his last night. I love the big scale, “what-if” stories Larry Niven writes, overlayed with a great plot and interesting characters.

A prototype faster-than-light spacecraft crewed by two men is sent to the Iconstant system, known from robotic exploration to include an earthlike world. Muller, a smuggler with a cargo of precious magnetic monopolesattempts to use Mars the ‘hole’ of the title; to spacers, planets are merely gravity wells to be avoided if possible as a means to whip his ship to a new orbit that will enable him to escape the customs authorities who are chasing him.

‘Arrival’ Producer Developing ‘Inconstant Moon’ Sci-Fi Movie for Fox – Variety

Nov 25, Eric rated it it was amazing Shelves: However, a lack of aurora and subsequent shockwave has them daring to hope that their half of the planet might actually pull through the arising tempests and apocalypse. One Face A spaceship is thrown far into the future.


When Howie can find nothing physically wrong with the system, he can only conclude that, disturbingly, the problem is with Eric. Niven’s use of the term ” gravity well ” in the story is the third use of the phrase in science fiction recorded by Oxford English Dictionary researchers.

The drive really is powerful enough to achieve this within a reasonable timescale, if only the planet’s crust can withstand the seismic stresses without catastrophic earthquakes. Modern sci-fi seems very near-sighted compared to this. The second possibility turns out to be correct: And maybe a year or a season or something?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He co-authored a number of novels with Jerry Pournelle. The title story is great, and ‘Bordered in Black’ is very disturbing.

However the narrator surmises that the Sun has gone novathe day side of the Earth is already destroyed, and this is the last night of his life. I especially like that many of the stories are set in the same universe, but at another point in Niven’s short-form prose is fantastic!

Some stories were better than others. A Known Space story, first of “Gil the Arm” line.

Notify me of new comments via email. Retrieved August 26, These stories to me represent a new direction in science fiction for me, although in later years I realise he can be quite narrow minded in his views and I incnostant he has collected so criticism for it.

‘Arrival’ Producer to Develop ‘Inconstant Moon’ Sci-Fi Movie for Fox

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I’d like to buy the DVD if I can find it. He believes Eric has a psychosomatic disorder preventing him nievn operating the ramjets, using the analogy of a traumatized soldier that can no longer feel his hand and pull the trigger of a gun. Open Preview See a Problem?


You are commenting using your Twitter account. During a routine hyperspace jump, an accident involving a small meteoroid striking into the machinery causes the ship to be trapped in a stasis until billions of years have passed. Retrieved from ” https: The things that made it drove a space explorer raving mad. And not just after sunrise, either. Inconstant moon This story is what made me want to read the book.

Oct 21, Rob rated it really liked it. You are commenting using your WordPress. Aug 21, Dan rated it really liked it. Aug 09, Steven rated it liked it.

In voting the death penalty for so many crimes, the lawmakers had only bent to pressure from the voters. By using our site, you larrh that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

I didnt finish it, the third short story was homophobic and the writing is not worth putting up with that crap.

Does anybody know if incnostant was, and which series? I’m pretty sure I originally read the title story in a pulp magazine, but I couldn’t say offhand which.

The Sphere paperback version of the collection was cut from 12 to seven stories.

Inconstant Moon

Dream Park Mooon Descent of Anansi On the trip back, Howie reveals his ruse to Eric. Dec 07, Chris Maguire rated it really liked it.

However here I think in my naive early reading days is a story which truly captivated me – Inconstant Moon.