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View and Download THOMSON LDK user manual online. HDTV Camera Base Station. LDK Docking Station pdf manual download. View and Download GRASS VALLEY LDK user manual online. HDTV camera base station. LDK Docking Station pdf manual download. Also for: Ldk. User’ s guide • Read online or download PDF • Technicolor – Thomson LDK User Manual.

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Check if the Power 45502 is correct locked. Base station diagnostic message: Indicates a short circuit between the core and theinner shield.

Indicates a short circuit between the outer and inner shield while the camera is NOT connected. Remove dust filter 7. I 0dB,20dB 20dB I Telephone return43Shield of cable directly to the connector housing.

Fix support with 4 screws. To made full use of its extensive functionality it providesmany facilities for setting it up. Ensure that your equipment is connected correctly – if you are in any doubt consult a qualified electrician. EMC Immunity following the provisions of: Packing and unpacking instructions together with information on the integration of the basestation ld your studio system are provided.

IntercomThe intercom functions available are determined by theconfiguration of the lsk station.

The System Menu video signal is available on the Text output of the 452 station. Connectors and Cables Triax connector orientation The triax connector can be mounted to suit your cable run.


Do not disconnect the protective earth terminal. A cursor shows your position in the menu. Sets headset microphone sensitivity level. Page 37 Using the Menu SystemEntering the Systems menuFinding your wayThe system functions of the base station are grouped intomenus and sub-menus. This manual also for: Don’t show me this message again. Place PCB frontplate back5. For example, in the illustration above, the current status of the unit is Back Plate Fan Power These are normally connected by a metal strap.

Page 38 Leaving the Systems MenuMaking changesIf you are deep within the menu structure, follow these stepsto leave: Selects standard system file to use: Page 55 Section 5DiagnosticsThis section contains an explanation of the internal diagnostic system of the base station.

Leaving the Systems MenuMaking changesIf you are deep within the menu structure, follow these stepsto leave: Set of Brackets Front Section 3Operating InstructionsThis section describes the structure of the camera base station control system.

Use a layer of shock-absorbing material around all sides of the unit to provide firm cushioning and prevent movement inside container. Chapter 8 – Menu Structure And Contents 8. Page 39 Menu StructureUser LevelsAccess to the functions on these menus is determined by theuser level that has been set.

Connectors and cables | Technicolor – Thomson LDK User Manual | Page 12 / 66 | Original mode

Push the camera call button to start playing out the recorded voice mail to the camera headset. Core Short Indicates a short circuit between the core and the inner shield while the camera is NOT connected. Introduction Power Unit out of the Base Station. This section explains how tocontrol and program the menu system and how to set up the menu system to suit your personal preferences.


4052 49 This section gives information on the procedures to follow when replacing printed circuit boards and mechanical components at first line level. The menu structure and the methods of function selection are also explained.

Using the menu system – Technicolor – Thomson LDK 4502 User Manual

Signalling Connector Sign – Panel Viewpin male, shielded cable1. The voicemail stores messages from a combination of sources like Program, Production or Engineering for the camera operator.

Do not interrupt the protection conductor inside or outside the unit. Tell us about it. Connect clean dust filter to backsupport5.

IntroductionThe flexible design of the base station means that it can beintegrated into a variety of configurations in studios or OBvans. Heavy-duty concept with low power consumption, ideal for Outside Broadcast OB vans.

Teleprompter On, Off Turns teleprompter channel on or off. Important Information — Warnings indicate danger that requires correct odk or practices to prevent death or injury to personnel.

Place clean dust filter4.