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Historians propose to us systems too perfect for explaining the past, with sequence of cause and effect much too exact and clear to have been ever entirely true; they rearrange what is dead, unresisting material, and I know that even Plutarch will never recapture Alexander. Hers too are medium-like gifts; she is an extraordinary memorif between Hadrian and the reader. In Memoirs of Hadrian, Marguerite Yourcenar gives voice to Emperor Hadrian himself to chronicle his life, or if you wish some important parts of his life.

There are enemies, but Hadrian usually dispatches them quickly. This is where I became enchanted. View all 30 comments.

He just wants to leave advice for an heir, and it is advice that is needed more than ever. This book is not nearly as funny as the similarly titled Diaries of Adrian Mole, so don’t get them memrie With the subject matter, this book could have been dry and dull, but in Marguerite Yourcenar’s hands this pretend batch of letters from Hadrian to his young successor, Marcus Aurelius, is a fluid, touching, and disturbing meditation on historical memmorie and processes, as well as an incredible character study based on historical record.


The interminable middle section — descriptions of travelling to different bits of the empire and building things — were hard work. The greatness of Rome visibly transpires: I found the effect to be calming, it inspired meditation.

Hadrian emerges as a great man. View all 27 comments.

Memorie di Adriano; seguite dai Taccuini di appunti

But it does have something to do with time, time and the weight of it. What am I reading?! Lf first woman to be elected to The French Academy, the multi talented personality of Marguerite Yourcenar was a novelist, essayist, playwright, short story writer, poet and translator.

Plus, there’s some etchings of various Roman sites of antiquity thrown in which are rather breathtaking even when viewed in black and white on the page. I was comparing myself to the Roman Emperor Hadrian! I looked up to him but he was no god; he remained mortal through-and-through. If a sixteen year old math prodigy does not make calculus known to the world, another man, not long later, will do it.

Purporting to be the memoirs of the Roman emperor, Yourcenar’s book pulls off the narrative voice so well that you sometimes have to remind yourself that it’s fiction; every sentence seems heavy with the marguedite sadness of someone who has lived for a long time and through many momentous events.

Memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenar

Traveled beyond our perceptions and sensual limits? Hadrian deals with his grief by deifying the youth and creating yourcdnar cult which long outlasts them both. This time Divinity did not cure, it killed. Hadrian is painfully aware of this, and talks of it repeatedly.


I believe Yourcenay may have seen this as a goal. And Yourcenar combats this tragedy by doing scrupulous research, by imaginatively reconstructing the life of a great statesman, and producing this wonderful book. With mesmerizing writing, exquisite translation and the portrait of a majestic ruler, everything here is much more than what their title suggest- Hadrian was more than an Emperor, Marguerite was more than a writer, Grace was more than a translator and this book, it is much more than a book.

For me this book was the level of “hard” where I found it hard to concentrate on reading while other people were talking. She read every book still in existence that mentioned him or that he might have read. Hadrian is not the main character in the book, he is the book itself. And many other people – personages both major and minor are all rendered equal in Hadrian’s musings. She joined a bohemian crowd of artists, moving between Paris, Lausanne, Athens, Istanbul, Brussels and the Greek islands, which inspired her travel writing “Nouvelles Orientales” and “Feux” based on Greek mythology.

It’s one of the chief reasons I’ve been focusing more and more on books outside the Anglo-Saxon corpus: He reflects on moderation in diet, his love of hunting, and his admiration for Greek culture.