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A lot of it just didn’t make sense. However what I really love is the sparse but effective characterization of the Invicible’s crew. The Summa is notable for being a unique analysis of prospective social, cybernetic, and biological advances.

The Invincible

Gabriel rated it it was ok Apr 19, The first part of the book is a Manly Adventure Story about a ship that lands on an alien planet in order to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a previous ship in the region. Meanwhile, scientists start researching the planet, trying to identify sources of potential danger.

The latter part of the book This science fiction tale by Stanislaw Lem is easily missed or dismissed as just a space romp, but it is much more than that. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads niezwycidzony.

The Invincible by Stanisław Lem

Gabriel rated it it was ok Apr 19, He was the cousin of poet Marian Hemar. He is perhaps best known as the author of Solariswhich has twice been made into a feature film.

Additionally, there is an awesome bit of future tech where a couple niezwtciezony scientists hook up a machine to a frozen corpse to see niezwyciezonj their last memories were.

When cosmic horror is done right it has the ability to make people look differently at the stars when they look up nirzwyciezony to quake in their boots about what may be hidden on one of those points of light. As the threat mounts there is a wonderful balance between the discipline of a highly trained crew and the panic and fear of facing something they don’t understand and may not be able to fight.


An inimical situation makes it very clear that it would be better to just leave, but stubbornness, bravado and machismo mean that they stay. Similarly, The Invincible was first published in Polish inthen translated to German inbut only received an English translation of the German version in Want to Read Niezwgciezony Reading Read.

This one is a more straightforward adventure story, where a spaceship and its crew are investigating an unexplored planet where a previous craft had disappeared.

TrumanCoyote rated it it was ok Mar 30, There is a tease of conflict between two of the high-ranking officers on the ship that never really comes to fruition in the story, and I found myself not even really being able to tell niezqyciezony apart from one another, they all seemed like caricatures that were simply written into a story. What’s also amazing about this story is its profound alienness: Things quickly spiral downward as they realize they are dealing with niezwyfiezony artificial machine intelligence that does not possess higher consciousness, but is perfectly capable of destroying human technology and mental functions, and even the mighty anti-matter weaponry of the Invincible.

Published by Agora SA first published Easily one of Lem’s best novels, tense and gripping — I found myself reading it at 3AM because I wanted to know what would happen next.

I enjoyed the novel and would recommend it if you’re into SF tech; but don’t see myself returning to it anytime soon. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Could you please change it?

One of my favourite Lem novels, it possible worries me that it is one of those with the least amount of quirky strangeness and the most predictable plot arc. These swarms display complex behavior arising from self-organization and can incapacitate any intelligent threat by a powerful surge of electromagnetic interference. Our characters here, none of which are memorable enough to name niezwyicezony even apply thought to, niezwycieozny not only able to explain the issues they face, but they develop a way to effectively fight against the enemy, thus destroying any credibility to the idea that mankind is insignificant when faced with the uncaring nature of what may be lying amongst the cosmos.


Niezwyciezony: Stanislaw Lem: : Books

He is perhaps best known as the author of Solariswhich has twice been made into a feature film. Translations of his works are difficult and multiple translated versions of his works exist. Refresh and try again. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In any case, The Invincible is the story of an heavily-armed exploration ship that sets out to discover what happened to The Condor, a niezwycieozny ship that landed on the uninhabited and desolate planet Regis III before losing contact without warning.

Niezwyciężony (Stanisław Lem. Dzieła #12)

Michael Caputo rated it it was ok Jul 18, There are wonderful moments in which characters will go through journal entries and read about crew members suddenly become infantile or statements about a swarm of flies that have returned.

Trivia Niezwyciezoony The Invincible. Daniil Konovalov rated it it was ok Nov 22,