Linda Howe After two decades of spiritual searching, Linda Howe first encountered the Akashic Records in Many adventures later, now a Doctor of. How to Access Your Own Akashic Records. Linda Howe Offers The Perfect Prayer. Linda Howe More by this author. Aug 12, at PM 0 Comments. Jun 4, As I explain in my book, Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records, you and your soul are one. Sometimes this seems so real you.

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A Special Welcome to You from Dr. Linda Howe!

After nearly two decades of spiritual searching, I encountered the Akashic Records in Oct 03, Cecilia rated it it was amazing. A good introductory primer perhaps but I have yet to make an emotional or spiritual connection.

This was my second time through this wonderful book. It is written elegantly, clearly and simply — everything you need to do is spelt out. But it didn’t even get around to explaining certain things it had mentioned, much less good solid info that I was looking for when I requested it from the library. She describes a rfcords schema for healing.

I rated this book with four stars with some reservations. Linda presents a wealth of info on how to access the records for yourself and others and the potential to heal for all. Just make sure that the music hoe somethi I don’t even know where to begin.

Sounds True – Linda Howe

The more I read, the more formulaic the writing became, thus her voice was not as prevalent, and the delivery of information became clinical. First off, the writing in this book is quite clear and easy to follow–that what it has going for it–so if you are interested in the Akasha then you might give it a try Howe created an instructional CD based on this same material, so perhaps the book is more useful when paired with the CD.


The book provides examples of sessions with clients, whose Akashic Records are opened, and who thus receive guidance. The exercises are easy to use and very effective.

Working with thousands of students over the years — learning more than I ever imagined possible! At the time, I thought I alashic understood it all. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The Lords of the Records lijda a group of Light Beings who work at the Universal level, rather than with individual souls. This is YOUR time to understand where you have been and why you are here, now!

Published April 28th by Sounds True first published May 1st That change in voice influenced my connection to the material.

There is a whole world in there and I am excited zkashic continue to learn more about it. In this New Age of techniques and energies coming into the planet, the myriad information about the Akashic Records can be confusing to novices and even veteran students. This spiritual independence is marked by individuals who know that they have direct access to their spiritual Source, and who cultivate that sacred relationship.


Trivia About How to Read the A I have really enjoyed this and look forward to the healing course. Along the way, I developed my own uniquely inspired curriculum for spiritual growth through the Akasha, using the Records akasshic the sacred dimension of awareness for awakening and aligning with the Soul.

I think the Akashic Records are a very legitimate recoords, but this book was all sorts of fluff. I am hugely indebted to Linda Howe for providing the roadmap that literally transformed my life. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

I am so humbled and amazed by this work.

People who dwell in this universe have come to their own understanding of how the universe is set up and used–this is the truth as whoever describes it. The Masters are also lknda group of Light Beings, and like the Lords of the Records have never been in physical bodies.

About Dr. Linda Howe and the Akashic Records

I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in transformational personal growth. This book is not for everyone and many might think it ridiculous.

Uowe was invaluable in opening the pathways to an incredible journey which ultimately led to living my soul purpose. If she used Source or Creator it would make it more palatable for me.