An in-depth introduction to all research methods in linguistics, this is the ideal textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Research. Research Methods in Linguistics. Front Cover. Lia Litosseliti. A&C Black, Apr 9, – Social Science – pages. Buy Research Methods in Linguistics by Lia Litosseliti (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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Research Methods are important skills for students of linguistics to learn prior to undertaking research projects at either undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Key Issues 51 C: Part of speech tagging is useful because it allows us to distinguish between dif- ferent grammatical uses of the same word; in the example above, compare the two uses of to: In this case we would have to make an active decision to indicate overlapping speech on the transcript, and further to decide and document how to do this. Field provides an excellent introduction into analysing data using SPSS.

In addition, we will also only consider cases that involve one dependent variable and one independent variable. The experienced researcher and teacher of linguistics will find mmethods and critical engagement with current debates in this diverse field especially in the later chapters.

This chapter offers plenty of examples of types and groupings of research questions from previous sociolinguistic studies. There are other, even more complicated forms of validity which we shall ignore here. Research Methods in Linguistics Dimensions: Rasinger Organizing and processing your data: Account Options Sign in. London and New York: Different statistical tests are used depending on whether the variables you are examining both independent and dependent are continuous or categorical. A third possible source of a research question, more controversially, is that it comes out of your own findings.


Research Methods in Linguistics

Some questions are bigger than others. In fact, over the last few years an increasing volume of work has appeared e.

We will not deal ln paired measures t-tests here but see Urdan, Principles, Practices and Applications. For t-tests of independent samples with equal sample size, we calculate the degrees of freedom by taking the total number of subjects in both groups and subtracting 2.

Research Methods in Linguistics – Google Books

We produce a set of three questions, based on 5-point Likert scales. Broadly, most research projects use more than one research question, often of different types.

In Chapter 6, Judith Baxter reviews four discourse-analytic approaches to text and talk of particular value for current research in linguistics: However, this only works because an inch always refers to the same amount of length namely around 25 millimetres. Bloomsbury PublishingFeb 19, – Social Science – pages. The book is definitely going to be a useful tool to many researchers.

Let us consider a set of research questions from a research project in the field of sociolinguistics: She is the author methoes Positioning Gender in Discourse: Open to the public Book; Illustrated English Show 0 more libraries With the expected values as given in Table 4. This hypothesis is called the experimental hypothesis, and is normally derived from the patterns identi- fied by the descriptive statistics.


Because of this variability requirement, the things that we count in quanti- tative gesearch are called variables. Even worse, the respondents might be unable to answer the ques- tion as such because the available answer options are too general. Though you will likely make use of these resources in your future work, it is important that you understand where rwsearch chi-square statistic or the p-value that a computer programme may provide you with comes from.

If research is to produce findings that will be relevant and useful to those being studied, this then needs to be reflected in research designs and methodologies and mono-dimensional studies do not necessarily provide the means to meet this need. Oxford English DictionarySecond Edition. Yet, these categories are in a certain sense arbitrary, and are not a part of the age measurement itself. In a seminal early work, Greene et al. In other words, we cannot know at this point whether what appears to be a methodd really is one, or is just a product methoss chance.