Permeability test is necessary on terrain where are predicted soakaways which store water after big rainfall and provide efficient soil infiltration. A Lugeon is a unit devised to quantify the water permeability of bedrock and the hydraulic conductivity resulting from fractures; it is named after Maurice Lugeon, a Swiss geologist who first formulated the method in More specifically, the Lugeon test is used to measure the amount of water. Steady flow and its applications. ▫. Theim equation. ▫ Specific Capacity. ▫. Falling Head Test. ▫. Packer test. ▫ Wire line packer. ▫. Lugeon Test. ▫. Flow Log. ▫.

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Automatic Lugeon Tests recorder.

And in rock mass the situation is even more complex. Copyright – Geotechdata. Open pit lugeom — Roxanich Heritage Wine Hotel and wine cellar How to build on unstable terrains and avoid landslides? This is an online Lugeon Test calculator. Water pressure and flow rate are measured everz minute. The Lugeon test, sometimes call also Packer test, is an in-situ testing method widely used to estimate the avarage hydraulic conductivity of rock mass.

The Ttest Value is defined as the loss of water in liters per minute and per meter borehole at a pressure of 10 bar.

Open pit protection for Hotel Sensatori in Dubrovnik — reinforced concrete piles and strand anchors Why the Tower of Pisa commence to lean? Reconstruction and conversion of a former Croatian post office building in Rijeka Gabion walls Georadar How to determine number and depth of exploration boreholes? The test is named after Maurice Lugeona Swiss geologist who first formulated the test.


Table of porosity and water permeability of certain rocks and soil. Lugeon value could also represent the rock jointing conditions, considering a big influence of rock discontinuities condition on value of hydraulic condutivity. We shall not be liable for any damages of any kind with the use of this Lugeon Test calculator.

Test is typically conducted in five steps. We disclaim all warranties. Send us an email to editor geotechdata. Permeability test can be done in rocks and in the ground, which is the theme for one of the next blogs….

Lugeon test, complete online calculator

The Lugeon value for each test is therefore calculated as follows and then lugoen average representative value is selected for the tested rock mass.

Free quote for buying Lugeon test equipment: Permeability test — the results.

Permeability test — Lugeon test. Pricing information and quote request on Geotechgate. In the enterence of the borehole lufeon is measured with the pressure gauge, and the flow is measured with the watermeter. First of all, a maximum test pressure Pmax is defined so that it does not exceed the in-situ minimum stress, thus avoiding hzdraulic fracturing.


Lugeon test –

Typical borehole soakaway design. Deployment using borehole transducer to measure pressure data. If you have any questions, bee free to contact us!

A pressure transducer is also located in that portion to measure the pressure with a help of reading station on the surface. The waterflow which passing through the rock mass depends of some parameters such as: The output is the maximum or average Lugeon Value.

It is indeed In situ test of formation permeability performed by measuring the volume of water taken in a section of test hole when the interval is pressurized at given pressure 10 bars psi. Therefore, the Lugeon value could represent not only the conductivity but also the rock jointing condition.

Contrary to the continuum media, the hzdraulic conductivity of the rock mass is very much influenced by the rock discontinuities.

Permeability test is necessary on terrain where are predicted soakaways which store water after big rainfall and provide efficient soil infiltration. It is useful to calculate Lugeon Value in permeability tests, given water pressure in bar, MegaPascal text PSIwater volume in literstest duration in minutes and length of borehole test interval in meters.

Lugeon test — stage.