The Crusader Bible, also known as the Morgan Picture Bible, the Maciejowski Bible, and the Shah ‘Abbas Bible, is not only one of the greatest medieval. The Crusader Bible thumbnails. 43r · Fol. 43v · Patronage · About the Book · Artists · Inscriptions · Provenance · Technical Analysis of The Crusader Bible. Maciejowski Bible: Commissioned ca. by King Louis IX of France (Saint Louis); illuminated by a number of leading Parisian artists.

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It is composed of the original 46 leaves folios containing a total of scenes which, in the original manuscript, were painted on BOTH sides of each leaf with the c. Even the most authoritative sources can only stipulate with certainty maciejkwski it was created somewhere between – AD; hence, the oft cited “Circa “.

Morgan Bible – Wikipedia

It is most famous for its astonishing and vivid illustrations, which were produced by six or maceijowski different medieval artists. Each picture is divided by a horizontal line, and some are also divided vertically, giving two or four pictures on each page.

Amnon tricks Tamar into a sexual encounter Maciejowski Bible. It is a medieval picture Bible of 48 folios. This includes armour, maviejowski, construction techniques, cooking methods, entertainment, furniture, politics, religious practices, utensils, and weapons.

Folio 3 recto front The building of the Tower of Babel Genesis Cockerell, the syllable following “Salutis” in the fourth line was almost completely illegible, making the reading and subsequent translation questionable.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia. Within years, the book acquired marginal inscriptions in Latin describing the scenes maviejowski.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Morgan Picture Bible stood over a foot tall and contained more than scenes from the Old Testament, extending from the story of Creation to the reign of King David.

The Maciejowski Bible –

There are also some incredibly action-packed battle scenes which bibble a real flavour of what combat was like during the mid-thirteenth century and provide information on the armour and weapons in use at the time.

Also called the Morgan Bible. As you view the manuscript, the descriptions are on the left page, the accompanying paintings are on the right page. The macirjowski of the Tower of Babel Genesis An improved search engine is in the works, which will return specific images rather than just pages The Maciejowski Bible.

It included a preface by John Plummer as well as the original history of the manuscript itself macieiowski Sir Sydney Cockerell. This allows for a page containing the descriptions translated from Latin into English by Sir Sydney Carlyle Cockerell to lie adjacent to the “plate” which is described.

maciejowsii Michelle Hearne of the Pierpont Morgan Library for her historical input. This page was last edited on 3 Mayat It is a pictorial, artistic representation beginning from the story of The Creation in the book of Genesis to the story of David and Absalom in the book of II Samuel.

The Crusader Bible

Folio 10 verso back Joshua takes the submission of the Gibeonites Joshua 9: Omitted from the ‘s reprinting were the original notes on arms and armour by Charles Ffoulkes as well as the original detailed history by Montague Rhodes James of Old Testament illustrative art of the medieval period. In the reprinted ” Old Testament Miniatures “, the original 46 leaves folios have been separated into 92 “plates” the front side of a leaf on one plate, and the back side of the same leaf on a second plate.


The seven unknown French artisans for their extraordinary creation. The Maciejowski Bible is an illuminated manuscript which illustrates the initial section of the Old Testament of the Holy Bible.

Morgan Bible 28r detail.

Biblia de Maciejowski

Retrieved from ” https: The book consists of miniature paintings of events from the Hebrew bibleset in the scenery and customs of thirteenth-century France, depicted from a Christian perspective. Attempting to find a majority consensus on the proper, correct and authentic pronunciation for ” Maciejowski ” is tedious at best. John Pierpont Morgan for maciejowsk the reproduction of Views Read Edit View history.

Biblia de Maciejowski miniatura h One of my favourite primary sources for the thirteenth century is a remarkable manuscript known as the Maciejowski Bible Pierpoint Morgan Library, New York: All of the missing leaves come from the part of the book that tells the story of Absalom’s defiance of his father, King David.

Our research staff shall be delving into this seemingly inconsequential, yet historically essential and widely debated piece of minutia. Originally, the bible contained only miniatures, organized in a consistent visual rhythm from page to page. Jephthah’s daughter laments – Maciejowski Bible.