Profile of Paul Prater. Post Icon Posted: Sep glizardsmagic. com/ Paul, congratulations on your first book. Buy Maleficium by Paul Prater (Paperback) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details, ratings, and reviews. MALEFICIUM. Free Preview From PAUL A. PRATER. MALEFICIUM Printed and bound in the USA by Leaping Lizards Publishing in.

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Sep 12, Hey guys, I am very pual about this! Leaping Lizards is publishing my book. They have been great to work with and I am sure many of you out there are aware of maoeficium great quality of their offerings. I put a lot of work, thought and time into this and I am very happy to be able to share some of my work with people.

My book is now avalable for preorder from their website. As usual, they have a nice preview up as well. Hey Paul, Thanks for let us know. I just received the LLM newsletter about your book, It looks great the preview and I’m sure it will be a winner. We need more people like you in this Forum. Paul, I am delighted praer hear that they picked it up.

Maleficium by Paul Prater – Book

I had hoped that it would make it to press. For all others, I had a chance to read a significant part of this book some time ago, and I thought it entertaining, thought provoking, and fun. Do check it out. They both were gracious enough to take the time to read the manuscript and provide vluable and much appreciated feedback.


I cannot express my gratitude enough. Paul, congratulations on your first book. Judging from the sample offered on the Leaping Lizards promo; this will be a book I’ll want to add to my collection.

Now I am eager to read the Ripper routine, a subject near and dear to me. Much success and many sales! Paul – All I can say is congratulations!

The Magic Cafe Forums – Maleficium-My first book

The only real value in knowledge is being able to share it and you’ve done that marvelously. Just went over the preview pdf. I will definitely get this book.

I especially like ‘Withches Do Burn” and right now I live out in the country and could pull this off well. Spooky stuff and just in time for Halloween.

Yes, it does look great. For me it is pratef must-have. Anybody want to buy some cats? How about a grandchild? Seriously, I think Paul has a winner and I will get it as soon as I can! Bizarre Magick From Naljorpa’s Cave. Bill, how does the grandchild feel about hard labor? I may know someone who’s in the market and can help you out.

Ah, that’s too maeficium. Well, maybe someone else needs a cat.

Magic Tricks

Sadly, we have our fill at the moment. Sep 13, Sep 16, It had better be worth it, or I’m gonna write a nasty review and demand my money back and sic the hounds of hell on all those fiends who made me want it. Sic the hounds of Hell all you want, but demanding your money back is a bit much! So many wants, so little money!


Sep 17, Well, if he’s like you, Bill, he’ll come out with a hardcover version of the book later with the sole purpose of making me feel cheated that I only have the paperback version. Next time I buy your book it’s gonna be a hardback and it’s gonna be signed by you in blood. Or a plain old sharpie. Sep 19, Who knew it was possible. So fast that I just ordered another, just to test your reaction time.

Sep 28, Came in today and. Prater you have done very well. Hellcorn is, I paull, a masterpiece of forgotten thaumaturgy. I will use this. Bells is magnificent and the seance piece is something that every spooky can use. Maleficium is full of dark poetry and great thinking.

I am into my first reading right now and I am sincerely blown away. Beware of this and that. DamonWizaed New user 60 Posts.

Cyr Special user Really? Bill Ligon Inner circle A sure sign of a misspent youth: Mark What would Wavy do? Maleficjum would Wavy do? But PMd you a question Leaping Lizards!!!

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