it must be introduced including these interruptions (or not introduce it but include its self-weight manually), so the program can assign it its corresponding. The most complete tool for Project Management: bills of quantities, project certifications and specifications. CYPECAD MEP is a program for the analysis, design and check of building IFC files generated by CAD/BIM programs; Export to IFC format; Manual data entry.

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The program allows for reinforced concrete columns, steel columns and composite steel and manul columns. Users can, at any time, print or view the closed certifications belonging to the entire job, a chapter or a job item.

Arquimedes can generated a file in HTML format with any of the closed certifications with quantities to origin or partial quantities or for the certification on course, so that any spreadsheet program can interpret this information, including the formulas which can intervene in the certification tables.

Box culverts The solution to lower passages Box Culverts is a program developed for the design and analysis of reinforced concrete box culverts used for underpasses, subways, and drainage works. It has been adapted to national and international steel, timber, aluminium and concrete construction codes. Analysis and results of the example The aim of this example is to demonstrate how important it is to consider how the stiffness differs along arquiemdes height of the building, as it causes greater forces to arise in the resistant elements of the floors with less stiffness.

The view-only mode is accessed when the user does not have an Arquimedes or Arquimedes and Job Control license. This way, different seismic behaviour loadcases are considered; the worst case being taken to design the element.

Arquimedes can generate an HTML based on any non-parametric price bank.

Warehouses with rolled and welded steel I sectionsJoints II. Select, within this document, the table or part of the table containing the prices that are to be pasted in Arquimedes, in such a way that the first column of the selected table contains the concept codes and the last contains the price of each concept.

These are intermediate states, in which each laterally confined element provides a percentage of its stiffness depending on the level of damage it has reached.

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Another fact to take into account is that as the elements are not arquimedss elements, there is generally not a lot of data available regarding the behaviour of the materials, which is essential for the numerical model. Network introduction All the installation and construction elements on plan or selected elements can be moved, duplicated, rotated or create symmetrical reflections.


They can be rectangular, trapezoidal or any type of polygon designed on screen, as well as being single cell or multiple cell elements.

Nonetheless, this option can be useful when great precision is raquimedes required and drawings on paper are available, which can be scanned to easily obtain drawing files with these formats. Work with parametric price banks including those compiled in DLLswith multiple prices prices for labour, materials, etc. If users wish to create other situations or behaviour states of the building with the Percentage increments can also be carried out.

CYPECAD. Analysis and design of reinforced concrete and steel structures

Even if the stiffness of the ground floor were to be similar to that of the floors above it, during the first instants of an earthquake, the srquimedes of the lower zones of the building are the first to fail, which causes abrupt changes in the stiffness and, therefore, an irregularity similar to that described previously.

To do so, the program offers a list of elements which could possible make up part of this study. The Purchase management module of Arquimedes and Job Control allows users to calculate the supplies required to execute a job and foresee invoice payments mmanual suppliers and subcontractors.

Welded and bolted joints. An assistant is available to help introduce the data for the most common cases of several basements levels in buildings. The deflection is calculated in all cases.

Additionally, these can be redesigned and so obtain their maximum optimisation. Having finished the analysis, the various elements may be checked for errors.

Force combinations used by structural design programs. A section can be dropped to the bottom part of the screen providing instructions on the use of the menu options to help users. To change arquimeded simple price of a unit concept into a multiple price, the user must, first of all, create a job parameter which will allow for the value of the multiple prices to be selected from the database. If you wish to keep this information, the directories indicated below should not be deleted.

The program modifies waffle slab and flat slab reinforcement by means of view tables. Joining of partial bills of quantities generated by other CYPE programs or Joining or partial qrquimedes of quantities carried out by different project collaborators.


Copy the selected data to the clipboard, return to Arquimedes and click on the Paste button to import the received prices. Arquimedes versions and modules There are several versions of Arquimedes. Furthermore several behaviour models of the building are considered corresponding to mmanual situations or states of these elements. Therefore, for the first analyses, it is best if Nanual consider the final state is activated.

Thirty columns Four floor groups Floor group: Arquimedfs directories are “usr” and “CYPE ingenieros”. We recommended you do not delete “usr” directory if there are other CYPE program versions installed on the same drive.

This explains why a state can be the worst case state for a specific resistant element, but not for another. arqhimedes

Additionally, the vibration modes are different for each state, affecting arquiimedes resistant elements in a different manner. Building frames with rolled and welded steel I sectionsJoints IV. The program designs the reinforcement in the case of reinforced concrete walls. The export to IFC format includes the different types of joists reinforced, prestressed, in situ, steel and open-web joists present in joist floor slabs.

Reliable structures, very precise drawings CYPECAD was brought about to carry out the analysis and design of reinforced concrete and steel structures, subject to horizontal and vertical forces, for houses, buildings and civil work projects. Any of the three methods may be combined during the introduction of a structure: Arquimedes also allows for arquimddes quantities to be imported using one or more FIEBDC-3 files, into the current bill of quantities.

These intermediate states are generated automatically based on the arquimddes in which all the construction elements are considered to be effective State 2. All of the drawings can be integrated or only those arqyimedes that are deemed necessary, such as stairs. To introduce these non-structural elements, the option, Construction elements has been implemented in the Loads menu in the Beam Definition tab. If the selected code contemplates the reduced floor stiffness effect due to weaker partitions, the program displays the corresponding moment and shear force amplification factors, which are then applied to the selected floors.

Various modules are available to complement the program: Welded — Building frames with rolled and welded steel I sections.